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Rod Mench Sculpture Studios is a veteran-owned business specializing in creating memorable military award sculptures and statues, as well as commissioned sculptures, marble, bronze and fiberglass. Each one of our unique, historically and militarily accurate pieces has been designed and sculpted by Army veteran and studio owner Rod Mench. Rod firmly believes that it takes a soldier to sculpt for a soldier.  His experience in the military brings a keen attention to detail that sets his work above and apart from the competition. More than a simple plaque or shadow box, a sculpture from Rod Mench Sculpture Studios is a work of art that honorees can showcase in a place of pride in their home or office. Each award is generational gift that the recipient can pass down to their children and grandchildren as a family heirloom.

Meet the Artist: Rod Mench

Rod Mench, Sculptor

Artist Rod Mench's love of sculpting began as a young child, and by age 14, he knew he had found far more than a simple hobby, but a true gift and passion for building life from clay. A self-taught sculptor (and otherwise self-described "terrible" artist) Rob would hone his sculpting talents for the next several years as he pursued other adventures.

As a young man, Rod achieved a degree in marketing and accounting from the University of Michigan. Upon graduation, Rod went on to begin the career that would forever inform his personal art—the United States Army. Rod served for 13 years in the Army, first as an NCO ,and later as an OCS commissioned officer and company commander. He has fond memories of his time in service, and loves to share tales both humorous and harrowing. He infuses each one of his military award sculptures and statues with authentic details from his experience, as well as input from our men and women in uniform in every branch of the United States Armed Forces.

After leaving the military, Rod worked for a pharmaceutical company. However, the call of his craft finally became too strong to ignore, and he quit his day job to finally put his art to work. His deep love of sculpting and his passion for the craft have made him an internationally recognized artist. With 19 years’ professional experience, he is able to create unique sculptures with painstaking detail. He is a collaborative artist and is always happy to ask his collectors what they want. His artistic emphasis is on accuracy, quality, and a fresh approach.

Rod specializes in military statues, sculptures, and awards, with a particular affection for creating Civil War pieces and pieces to reflect the true spirit of our Armed Forces. These days, he can be found at his Colorado Springs Studio, working on his next great creation. Check out Rod's blog to see the latest piece on the bench, and read about events, or other various musings!



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