To our customers: YES, we are still in business. Due to incompetence, Centurylink has not turned on our phone lines.
FOR ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CALL US AT 719-963-1195 or email us here.
As soon as our phone lines are operational, we will post it here.
Thanks for your business.

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Rod Mench Sculpture Studios

Phone:  719-380-1126

Toll Free: 1-800-987-1126

Fax: 719-380-8815


Rod Mench Sculpture Studios LLC

PO Box 38182
Colorado Springs, CO 80937 US


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Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 38182
City:        Colorado Springs
State:      Colorado
Zip:         80937
Phone:     (800) 987-1126
Email:      Click Here
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