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The Art of Resilience

 I think it's safe to say that doing business in 2020 and 21 has been unusual, trying and a bit difficult. What started with a contagious lab-created Chinese virus that made people ill has turned into shaking up American industries and wild stock market plunges.

Which brings us to the word resilience. Yes, we all know the Webster's dictionary definition of the word. But what about how it applies in real life? In business? There's a test that really breaks it down for you; I strongly encourage everyone to take it:

Now, with that said, you're wondering where we're going with this. We're here to say that our business is resilient. Numerous problems in our industry have arisen fairly recently:

  • dramatic increase in ocean freight when importing
  • very long wait times for restock
  • price increases straight across the board here in the U.S.
  • Lack of reliable manufacturing from overseas
  • Businesses with low or no inventory stock

Fortunately, we're able to pivot. We are able to cast a number of our designs in our facility. We also have secured some basic production here in the U.S. This will be for some of our 9" figurines, such as the Drill Sergeant, the Combat Medic, America's Pride, etc.

We are currently working to set up manufacturing in Mexico. Not only will this eliminate ocean freight charges (and the additional 25% China tariff!), it will be 'closer to home'. That means solid production that we can supervise easier, simple trucking which any logistics company can handle, and shorter transit times. Best of all, the pricing will be within its current range.

So, are we resilient? Yes, but we will admit: it may take a bit of time. We hope that you'll be flexible and patient as we adjust our operation to serve you better. Soooo, if you have any inventory problems/needs - please feel free to call us. We will do our best to help you resolve them!


Zen and the art of business

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