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Welcome to Rod Mench Studios' Blog...'From the Bench', where we will be sharing informational articles about the Generational Awards and Custom Creations we sell. We will also be sharing industry news as well as interesting articles on a variety of topics. Thanks for Stopping in and please 'Like Us' on Facebook!!!
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Welcome to Rod Mench Studios New Website

Welcome to our new site! This is our maiden blog for our new internet home. It's been a long time coming; we've got almost every item re-photographed, categorized and have added more information.We've got several new features on this site:

We've got our refurbished/seconds area, nicknamed "Return To Duty". These are statues that have gone up against UPS, Fed Ex and the USPS and have suffered some damage.But with some care and skill, they've all been restored. You won't be able to tell that they were ever damaged.And, best of all, it's budget-friendly. But be aware: we have limited quantities.

We also have our custom works pages. Looking to have a statue recreated? Looking to have one of your own statues reproduced? Looking for a bronze? Or a fiberglass? We can do it all. We work to fit your budget. Just give us a call for more details.

We also have a new page called "From the Bench". This features statues that Rod has always wanted to do. They may be military based, they may not be – it just depends on his mood. But all will be limited edition.

First one "From the Bench" will be a 16" Spartan titled "Come and Take Them".This was Leonidas' reply to Xerxes' command that they relinquish their spears. Rod has wanted to do this statue since he was in high school! When the piece is ready for production, we'll have more info on it, such as price and edition size. Each piece will be hand signed and numbered by Rod.It's also going to be available in a 12" and 9" scale for our wholesale dealers.

A newsletter! Yes, we're actually going to be doing a newsletter. We'll be announcing sales, special promos, and our show schedules. We do plan on being in Las Vegas next year for the big engravers show. We hope to see you there. And, yes, Rod will be doing a sculpting demonstration there. You'll get to see another forthcoming design before it hits the site.

One thing we'd like to do in our first blog is to list the new designs that will be coming out over the next 6 months. We've been seeing a LOT of our sculptures being knocked off out there. So, we've decided to 'fire' back with some of our versions of many well-known figurines.Expect to see:

9" scale Minute Man

12" scale Keeper of the Colours

12" scale Ole' Bill

12" scale Dog handlers

innovative medical plaque ( you haven't seen nothin' like this one!)

Rod has always had a policy of never copying other artists' works, even when asked to. Unfortunately, he has not been extended this same courtesy. Some other sculptors - * cough!* cough!* Patterson* cough!*- have decided to ride on Rod's coattails and make a 30% change on his creations. Even worse, this has been done with the assistance of a former customer of ours. Rod has taken the gloves off. The end result will be some great statues that you're going to be proud to display.

Please look around our site. Let us know what you think and/or what you'd like to see. We'd like to thank all of you for your military service and your continued business.

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