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Zen and the art of business

Ahh, yes, Grasshopper! The zen lesson today is about the bamboo. It bends, but it does not break. Like bamboo, be flexible, yet firmly rooted. Be always ready. Find wisdom in emptiness; it is said that in order to learn, the first step is to empty ourselves of preconceived notions. One can not fill a cup which is already full. Continue to grow. Above all, express usefulness through simplicity.

OK, you're wondering what this is all about. Basically, the Dumpster Fire known as 2020 continues. After a year, covid is still impacting businesses across America. This is the time for us all to think outside the box and adapt. How can you preserve your cashflow, but still service your customers? How can you buy awards and still stay within your budget?

We thought long and hard on these questions. The zen lessons of the bamboo started to make sense. You must be resilient to survive in business. Don't overcomplicate things. Continue to grow and roll with the punches. We came up with some great new ideas that no one in the industry is doing – at least, not that we've seen or heard. They probably wouldn't offer these ideas anyway. Go figure.

Through Summer, 2021, we are now offering our wholesalers the 'Build Your Own Case' deal. Instead of ordering 8 of one design to get the case discount, you can now order 8 of any mix of statues to build your own case for the discount. You need 3 Mechanics, but also need only 1 Warriors' Ethos, a small Combat Medic and 3 Drill Sergeants? Well, you have your case! You can build a working inventory, service your clients and not crimp your cashflow.

For individuals and sole proprietors, we are now offering Paypal Credit and Klarna. With Paypal Credit, you apply upon checkout. Orders over $99 get 6 months, no interest if paid by the deadline. If you purchase a statue for $129 and pay roughly $20 for residential shipping, that breaks down to 6 monthly payments of about $25. Klarna is a little different. They break it out into 4 weekly payments. Best of all, their instant approval process has ZERO impact on your credit score. 

Feel free to call us at 800-987-1126 if you'd like more info or just want to place an order. 



The Art of Resilience
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