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$65.00 each Minute Man - Refurbished
2 items in stock

Military Award Sculptures, Statues, and Collectibles

When designing military award sculptures, statues, and collectibles, Rod Mench Studios believes that it takes a soldier to sculpt for a soldier. As a veteran of the United States Army, sculptor and owner Rod Mench uses his military experience, as well as insight and suggestions from servicemen and women from every branch of our Armed Forces, to create military awards and sculptures that are exquisitely detailed, true to life, and beautiful tributes to a military career. Far more than a simple plaque or shadowbox, these exceptional military awards are a generational gift, one that truly reflects the honoree, and that can be passed down in his or her family as a treasured heirloom.   (Read more)

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$29.00$20.00 each Beret Black
80 items in stock
$129.00 each Buffalo Soldier - "On Patrol"
20 items in stock
$89.00 each Calling Dustoff
25 items in stock
$65.00 each Combat Medic
$36.00 each Drill Sergeant
No stock
$36.00 each Drill Sergeant - Female
No stock
$115.00 each I Was There
$80.00 each Iron Mike
2 items in stock
$80.00 each Marine Recon
No stock
$105.00 each Minute Man
$80.00 each Semper-Fi
4 items in stock
$80.00 each Special Forces
3 items in stock
$65.00$50.00 each Americas Pride
100 items in stock
$109.00$90.00 each Military Dog Handler
$6.00 each Coin Holder
No stock
$85.00 each Air Force Chiefs Bust
12 items in stock
$65.00 each Combat Medic - Female
39 items in stock
$80.00 each Mechanic
27 items in stock
$110.00 each Warrior Ethos
45 items in stock
$129.00 each Old Bill
Results 1 - 28 of 28

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